Forty Prisoners Stand in Solidarity with Hunger Striking Detainee

RAMALLAH, July 26, 2016 (WAFA) – The detainees and ex-detainees committee Tuesday said that 40 detainees in Gilboa prison are carrying out a partial hunger strike in solidarity with detainee Bilal Kayid who has been hunger striking for 42 days to protest his administrative detention.

According to the committee’s lawyer Shireen Iraqi, the prisoners decided to go on a hunger strike four days a week in solidarity with Kayid who is completing the 42 day since he first went on a hunger strike to protest his detention without charge or trial.

In response to the prisoners’ strike, the prison administration decided to punish the prisoners by depriving them from their visitation right. It also confiscated all electrical devices in the wards.

Many prisoners were also banned from leaving their cells and frequent raids are being carried out by the prison guards, said Iraqi.

The prisoners called on all popular, political and media bodies to stand in sport of Kayid and Mohammad and Mahmoud Balboul, who are hunger striking against the unlawful administrative detention.