Gaza City Suffer from Electricity Outage for Fifth Day

Bombe over Gaza

GAZA, August 2, 2014 – (WAFA) – Gaza city has been suffering since last Tuesday from electricity outage after Israel targeted Gaza’s sole power plant earlier this week.

Israel has also targeted the main electric power transmission line at Baghdad Street in the city transmitting electricity to Ash-Shaja‘iya and Al-Tuffah neighborhoods, compounding the suffering of Gaza population.

Israeli forces have denied electricity technicians access to repair the power failure.

A recent report published by Save the Children shows that as a result of the power outage, Gaza population are facing a complete collapse of essential services as electricity and water supplies run out and that health facilities are particularly badly affected, with some hospitals warning that they only have enough fuel to run electricity generators for another four to five days.

According to the organization, this could leave nearly one million children trapped in a war zone without access to electricity, water or medical services.

At present, following air strikes on Gaza’s sole power plant, residents are receiving electricity for a maximum of two hours a day, if at all.

No water supplies are being delivered and sewage pumps are not working, meaning raw sewage is being pumped onto the streets, raising very serious concerns about outbreaks of disease.

Internet and telephony lines have been disconnected to several areas across Gaza Strip have been suffering from internet after being deliberately targeted and leveled by Israeli forces.

Source: WAFA