German Mayor: “There is no Well Being for the State of Israel without the Well Being of the Palestinian State”

RAMALLAH, November 21, 2014 (WAFA) – Mayor of the German town of Jena, during the international conference held in Ramallah on Friday to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, said, “There is no well being for the state of Israel without the well being of the Palestinian state” and vise versa.

“We are here in the holy land, while the situation is not very holy, to encourage our Palestinian friends in their struggle for just and peace in their own state,’ said the German Mayor at the official start of the International Conference of Local Authorities in Solidarity with the Palestinian People held in Ramallah on Friday.

He said at the conference, titled “Local Authorities at the Heart of Palestine,” that there are a lot of challenges facing local authorities in Palestine under the Israeli occupation; the seizure of land, settlement expansion, and having no control over resources, including water and electricity, which he stressed are not very good conditions to help building up strong municipalities that can play a better role in the structure of a state.

He stressed that municipalities and local authorities play a very important and historical role as a pillar of establishing a Palestinian state.

He also said that Germany had a very high wall but ‘we’ overcame the wall, referring to Berlin wall, which he said proves that it’s possible to overcome all hardships.

Meanwhile, French official Rony John said addressing the participants at the conference, “you all have a key role to play; we want all ideas, creativity, and visions to support and develop new ways of improving the capacity of local governance in Palestine to better play their role.

He expressed hope that this conference will encourage local authorities worldwide to play a better role on the international scene as advocates for the Palestinian cause.