Hamas Forces Break into Egyptian Center in Gaza

GAZA, August 31, 2013 (WAFA) – Hamas forces raided Saturday the Egyptian community center in the Gaza Strip, searched it and arrested a number of people who were in the building, according to witnesses.

They said a Hamas unit broke into the center after members of the Egyptian community issued a statement supporting the July 30 revolution and army act that brought down the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the former president Mohammad Morsi.

An Egyptian security source condemned in a statement this act saying “it is an escalation in Hamas policy against Egypt.”

He said Egypt does not want to see any harm done to members of the Egyptian community in the Gaza Strip and demands their immediate release.

As member of the larger Muslim Brotherhood movement, Hamas has taken a strong stand against the latest revolution in Egypt, which it describes as “a military coup against the legitimate authority.”

Hamas’ position has strained relations between Egypt and Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip since 2007.

source:WAFA NEWS