Health Minister: 60 Paramedics Injured in Israeli Shelling of Beit Hanoun Hospital

Violence in Gaza

RAMALLAH, July 26, 2014 – (WAFA) – Health Minister Jawad Awad said early Saturday that Beit Hanoun hospital in northern Gaza Strip came under heavy Israeli bombardment, injuring 60 paramedics and patients.

Awad described in a press statement the Israeli artillery bombardment on the hospital as ‘savage’ and ‘unjustified’, adding that among the injured are two international Solidarity Movement activists, including a Swedish who sustained an injury in his head.

Awad called upon international medical organizations, particularly International Red Cross, to take an immediate action to stop this savage Israeli attack and set up a safe corridor to evacuate the injuries. He held the Israeli army fully responsible for the lives of Beit Hanoun hospital medical staff, the patients and international activists.

Earlier, the hospital director-general Ayman Hamdan made an urgent appeal to representatives of international human rights organizations to immediately intervene to solve the crisis of 80 medical staff who got stranded in two rooms inside the hospital after the Israeli shelling of several departments in the hospital on Friday.

He also called them to ensure that the hospital would not be shelled again.


Source: WAFA