International Local Authorities Show Solidarity with Palestine through Signing of Multiple Cooperation Agreements

RAMALLAH, November 22, 2014 (WAFA) – Multiple cooperation agreements were signed on Saturday with the Belgium, Turkish and Spanish municipalities, on the sidelines of the International Conference of Local Authorities in Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Marking the International year of solidarity with the Palestinian people, the conference began its sessions on Thursday evening, where many of key issues were discussed and highlighted with the participation of over 250 countries that came to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The United Nations General Assembly assigned the year 2014 as a year of solidarity with Palestinians as means to mobilize the widest international support to help enable Palestinians to fulfill their aspirations of a just, lasting peace and the establishment of their sovereign and independent state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as it capital.

Cooperation agreements were signed with the Spanish, and Belgium municipalities; multiple collaboration agreements between the municipalities of Ramallah and Hebron and their Spanish San Sebastian counterpart, in addition to two other agreements with two Turkish municipalities.

The Ramallah municipality also signed an agreement with its Belgium counterpart.  Another agreement is scheduled to be signed on Sunday with the South African municipality.

“The agreement between the municipalities of Hebron and San Sebastian are established on the basis of respect for International humanitarian law and international human rights law,” stressed Head of Ramallah Municipality, Musa Hadid at the signing ceremony of the agreements held in Ramallah.

He expressed hope to sign further cooperation agreements with other world countries in order to broaden the base of solidarity with the Palestinian people in order to fulfill their rights of establishing an independent state with East Jerusalem as its Capital.

Two other agreements were also signed between the municipality of Hebron and two Turkish counterparts in the framework of collaboration between them.

Head of one of two Turkish municipalities expressed hope that these two agreements will promote effective collaboration between the two countries, including the exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as encourage further cooperation relations.

He expressed hope that by the next time they visit, “Palestine would have gained its independence.”

Head of San Sebastian municipality, Juan Carlos Izagirre, stressed that these agreements represent their full solidarity with the Palestinian people, hoping that this conference would help spread awareness to their people in order to mobilize a popular support that would pressure law makers at their parliament and government to take action for the Palestinian people to enable them to fulfill their aspirations of their own independent state and to achieve their legitimate rights.

“Our agreements with the San Sebastian municipality will allow us as partners to ensure close relations between our respective administrations and inhabitant,” said Director of Al Quds Center for Legal Aid, Issam Arori at the reception.

Head of a Belgium Municipality stressed that Belgium, particularly Liege, is with the Palestinian people, stressing that “the city of Liege is looking forward to establish more committed relations with Palestine.

“Today we would like to offer all of our solidarity to the suffering of the Palestinian people,” said Head of a Belgium Municipality, expressing support to President Mahmoud Abbas’ move to take the Palestinian case to the United Nations and praising his commitment to peace and rejection of violence.

A project to support the water sector in Dora area, in Hebron, was also signed with the French side.