Israel Continues to Detain Critically Injured Female Prisoner

RAMALLAH, March 24, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli authorities continue to detain female prisoner Amal Taqatqa, 21, despite of her serious injuries sustained after being shot multiple times by Israeli forces during upon arrest early December in 2014.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC), following a visit to Hasharon Israeli prison, said that Taqatqa is suffering acute pain in the chest, where she was previously shot with three bullets, in addition to a bullet in her foot.

Taqatqa is an ex-detainee who was rearrested early December after Israeli forces opened their heavy close-range gunfire toward her near Gush Etzion settlement bloc, for allegedly stabbing and lightly injuring an Israeli. However, witnesses at the scene denied the allegations.

Palestinian sources described the incident as a ‘field execution’, stressing that forces could have resorted to other measures, but chose to shoot her on the spot. Taqatqa underwent several surgeries and was transferred back to jail despite of her critical injuries and urgent need of medical care.

The prison administration only provides Taqatqa with over-the-counter pain killers.

According to Al-Haq human rights organization and reporting on eyewitnesses, “Amal was walking towards the bus stop [Etzion roundabout bus station], when one of the settlers called onto Amal in Hebrew, which she does not understand. She was frightened and started to run to escape away from the settler. The settler called to a soldier who was inside a watchtower there and told him that Amal tried to stab him. The soldier then fired three bullets in the air as Amal continued to run, frightened. The soldier shouted at her but she continued to run.”

“Amal was shot by the soldier, injuring her foot and she fell to the ground. She was then able to stand up and continue running. The soldier shot at her foot again yet she kept running. For the third time, the soldier shot at Amal’s foot and it was then that she fell and could not stand up again.”

“Within seconds, there were approximately 20 Israeli soldiers surrounding Amal shooting at her. Amal was not provided with medical assistance until an Israeli ambulance arrived half an hour later. She was left bleeding on the road for approximately 30 minutes.”

The total number of Palestinian female detainees held in the Israeli prison of Hasharon has risento 20.

According to the Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association (Addameer), Palestinian women living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip are generally held in prisons outside of the occupied territories, mainly in HaSharon Prison, in direct violation of international law (Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention).

According to Addameer, physical and verbal assault has proved frequent by Israeli state actors towards Palestinian women during arrest, interrogation, transfer, and detention in violation of international standards.