Israel Demolishes Mosque, Homes, and Structures near Nablus

NABLUS, April 29, 2014 (WAFA) – Israeli forces on Tuesday demolished a mosque, three homes, three barracks and a water tank in Kherbet At-Taweel, to the east of Nablus, according to local sources and witnesses.

Witnesses said army forces declared the village a closed military zone and prevented students from reaching their school, as well as denied photographers and reporters access to the area.

In remarks on the incident, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Mohammad Hussein condemned, in a press statement, the Israeli ‘crime’ of demolishing the mosque and the other structures, saying “Israel insists on continuing with its oppression and aggression against mosques under false pretenses.”

He said these practices are a violation against the freedom of worship guaranteed by “the divine laws and the international laws” and constitute a grave unspeakable breach of these laws.

Hussein called upon the international human rights organizations, the League of Arab States and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to immediately act to stop the Israeli violations against the Palestinian people, their land and their holy sites.