Israel Forces Jerusalem Resident to Demolish His Home

JERUSALEM, June 22, 2013 (WAFA) – One resident of Jerusalem Saturday demolished his house with his own hands after Israel issued a demolishing order of his home which houses 8 members of his family.

Munther Hijazi, a 57 year old Jerusalemite living in al-Sa’diya neighborhood in the old city said that he demolished his 55-meter-square house after he received a demolishing order last year.

Hijazi said that he has been fighting in court for the last few years and paid fines that amount to 36,000 shekels.

Hijazi, one of the many Jerusalemites and Palestinians who are forced to demolish their homes, chose to demolish his house with his own hands to save the large sum of money he will have to pay to the Israeli Municipality to demolish his house.

He said that the cost of using a bulldozer to demolish a house is over 100,000 shekels. If he uses a bulldozer, he will have to pay in order to demolish his house.

Hijazi said that Israel has appointed a hearing in September to make sure he demolished his house. He will have to pay yet another fine if he doesn’t remove the rubble of his house.

“It’s not only a financial loss, but a psychological one,” He said.

Umm  Muhammad, Hijazi’s wife expressed sorrow for the demolishing of her house.

She said, “I have lived in the house for over 14 years and now we are forced to demolish it under the pretext of not having a permit. As if Israel ever agreed to issue us permits to build homes and live with dignity.”

Hijazi’s child, Nadia, while crying for the loss of her home, said “Here I used to sleep with my friends. Now I don’t have a bedroom or a home.”

Advisor on Jerusalem affairs to the Palestinian President’s Office, Ahmed Al-Ruweidi, said that Israel threatens to demolish about 20,000 homes in Jerusalem; 450 of which to be demolished in 2013.

He pointed out that 11 homes were demolished in the last three weeks, which sets off alarm bells.

Source: WAFA News