Israel Radio: Government to Release 104 Prisoners

JERUSALEM, July 27, 2013 (WAFA) – Israel has decided to increase the number of Palestinian prisoners it intends to release from 82 to 104, the official Israel radio said Saturday.

The list includes Arab-Israeli prisoners it had so far refused to include in the prisoners release deal, said the radio.

It said the prisoners will be released in stages following start of negotiations between the two sides, which are expected to start on Tuesday in Washington.

The radio quoted a source well informed of the details of the negotiations as saying that the decision to increase the number to 104, which is the number of prisoners held since before signing the Oslo accords in 1993, was made after the Palestinians have threatened not to attend the opening session of the talks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to ask his cabinet to vote on Sunday in favor of a decision to release prisoners as a goodwill gesture for the resumption of negotiations stalled since 2010.

Hardline members of the government are expected to oppose the release but are not expected to muster enough votes to stop it.

The Palestinians are going to insist that all 104 prisoners should be released at one time in spite of Israeli reports that they will be released in stage.

source : WAFA NEWS