Israel to Expel Bedouin Families from their Homes near Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, June 11, 2013 (WAFA) – The Israeli authorities Tuesday issued expulsion orders for eight Palestinian families consisting of 53 members from their homes in Beit Hanina in East Jerusalem, according to local sources.

They told WAFA that the Israeli authorities issued several orders to expel the families from the Kaabneh tribe in what appears to be an attempt to seize the land they have set up their tent homes on.

Dimitri Diliani, member of Fatah Revolutionary Council from Jerusalem, said the Kaabneh tribe has been suffering for years ever since the establishment of the Atarot industrial area north of Jerusalem and the building of the segregation wall, which divided the tribe’s members and cut off all services to them.

He stressed that these expulsion orders come as part of the Israeli authorities’ ethnic cleansing policy, particularly in Jerusalem.

Source: WAFA News