Israel to Release 26 Long-Serving Prisoners on Tuesday

RAMALLAH, October 28, 2013 (WAFA) – The Israeli government agreed late Sunday to release on Tuesday the second batch of Palestinian prisoners held since before the signing of the Oslo agreement as part of a deal reached between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in July.

The group of 26 prisoners include 25 serving life sentences and most of them are from the West Bank with the exception of five from the Gaza Strip. The 26th, Mousa Quran from Ramallah, was serving a 28-year sentence.

The longest serving prisoner is Issa Abed Rabbo, from Bethlehem, who has been in jail for 29 years, since October 1984. Six others have been in prison since 1985, two since 1986, two since 1990, two since 1991, seven since 1992, four since 1993 and two since 1994.

The list, according to the Palestine Prisoner Club, includes:

Issa Nimr Abed Rabbo, from Bethlehem, arrested on October 21, 1984;

Muhammad Ibrahim Nasr, Ramallah, May 11, 1985;

Rafe Farhoud Karaja, Ramallah, May 20, 1985;

Mustafa Amer Ghneimat, Hebron, June 27, 1985;

Ziad Mahmoud Ghneiman, Hebron, June 27, 1985;

Othman Abdullah Bani Hassan, Jenin, July 27, 1985;

Hazza’a Muhammad Sadi, Jenin, July 28, 1985;

Muhammad Misbah Ashour, Ramallah, February 18, 1986;

Afo Misbah Shqeir, Nablus, July 24, 1986;

Najeh Muhammad Muqbel, Hebron, July 10, 1990;

Ahmad Said Damouni, Gaza Strip, September 24, 1990;

Muhammad Ahmad Sabbagh, Jenin, January 23, 1991;

Khaled Daoud Izrek, Bethlehem, February 12, 1991;

Sharif Hasan Abu Dhilah, Nablus, May 19, 1992;

Abdul Rahman Yousef al-Haj, Qalqilya, February 21, 1992;

Moyyed Salim Jouha, Nablus, May 31, 1992;

Asrar Mustafa Sumrein, Ramallah; August 4, 1992;

Mousa Izzat Quran, Ramallah, August 5, 1992;

Osama Zakariya Abu Hanani, Jenin, October 28, 1992;

Mohammed Yousef Turkman, Jenin, October 28, 1992;

Ahmad Said Abdul Aziz, Jenin, February 10, 1993;

Omar Issa Masoud, Gaza Strip, May 18, 1993;

Yousef Awwad Masalah, Gaza Strip, May 24, 1993;

Rizq Ali Salah, Bethlehem, June 7, 1993;

Hilmi Hamad Ammawi, Gaza Strip, January 3, 1994;

Hazem Qasem Shbeir, Gaza Strip, March 30, 1994.