Israeli Authorities Prevent Entry of Products into Gaza

GAZA, April 10, 2013 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Wednesday prevented the entry of around 1000 trucks carrying products into Gaza, according to a press release issued by the committee against the blockade in Gaza.

The Israeli authorities closed Karam Abu Salem Crossing, Gaza’s sole commercial crossing located southeast of Rafah, for the third time in a row, preventing the entry of any products into Gaza.

The committee said that the trucks were carrying products for the agricultural and commerce sectors, aid to UN Relief and Works Agency for Refugees UNRWA, building materials for some international projects, in addition to cooking gas.

He said this Israeli measure incur huge losses to the traders and businessmen in Gaza; the crossing was closed 43 times since the beginning of 2013 for various pretexts and claims.

It reiterated calls for the need to completely open Gaza crossings, increase the number of trucks allowed entry into Gaza to meet the needs of the market, and to stop the policy of reducing the allowed fishing area to 3 miles.

Source: WAFA News