Israeli Forces Arrest 12 Palestinians from West Bank Districts

JERUSALEM, December 1, 2014 – (WAFA) – Israeli forces arrested early Monday and Sunday night 12 Palestinians, including a minor, from occupied West Bank districts, including Jerusalem, said witnesses and security sources.


Israeli police raided Ras al-Amud neighborhood in East Jerusalem, where they arrested three Palestinians from Najdi family; Sa’ed, Yazan and Rami, after breaking into and ransacking their families’ houses.


Meanwhile, Israeli Nahshon forces arrested three Palestinians while they attended a trial for their arrested relative, Omar al-Abbasi, in Jerusalem District Central Court.


Forces assaulted ‘Ali Ibrahim al-‘Abassi, 25, for attempting to take a photo of his brother Omar during his court session, triggering a scuffle with al-‘Abbasi’s relatives. As a result, ‘Ali al-‘Abbasi, the uncle, 38, and  ‘Imad Mhanna, 27, where arrested along with ‘Ali Ibrahim.


Israeli police also raided al-‘Isawiya town to the north of the city, where they deployed their troops in streets and assaulted and arrested Haitham ‘Ibaid, 13.


Meanwhile in Hebron district, forces raided Beit Kahel village to the northwest of the city, where they arrested ‘Imad-addin ‘Asafra after breaking into his house. They also set up a road block at Halhul Bridge, where they stopped vehicles holding Palestinian-registered plates and examined passengers’ ID cards.


Meanwhile in Nablus district, Israeli Special Forces raided al-Jabal al-Shamali neighborhood in the city, where they nabbed Tamer Sharaf, 24.


Soldiers stationed near Za‘tara checkpoint to the south of the city arrested a Palestinian under the pretext of carrying a knife. The man has not been identified yet.


Meanwhile in Jenin district, forces set up a flying checkpoint near ‘Arraba, where they stopped and arrested Nimr al-Damaj, 23, a resident of Jenin refugee camp.


Meanwhile in Ramallah district, forces raided Silwad village to the east of the city, where they broke into and ransacked the house of Bassam Hamed, 40, a former prisoner, and detained the family members in one room before they re-arrested Bassam. Forces also handed ‘Anwar Hamed a notice to appear before the intelligence for interrogation.


They also raided the Ramllah areas of Deir ‘Ammar and Beitillu, where they broke into several houses, occupied their rooftops, and set up a road block at the villages entrances.

No arrests were reported.