Government Calls for Protecting Palestinians against Israeli Violations

RAMALLAH, June 17, 2014 (WAFA) – Palestinian Ministry of Information called, in a statement Tuesday, upon the international community and international human rights organizations to protect the Palestinian people against the “Israeli collective punishment.”

The statement said: “The brutal Israeli reprisals following the missing of three Israeli teenagers have highlighted the tenuous realities of life under occupation for millions of Palestinians.”

“Israel occupation army launched a massive manhunt and door-to door-searches in the occupied Palestinian Territory grabbing dozens of Palestinians. An entire population is being held hostage to the whims of the Israeli occupation,” it added.

“The search of the three allegedly missing Israeli teens has been accompanied by widespread arbitrary arrests – More than 200 Palestinians were seized on Sunday, dozens of Palestinians were swept up in overnight raids.”

“The Palestinian Prisoner’s Society said that 46 have been detained in Hebron, 23 in Nablus, 16 in Ramallah, 12 in Jenin, four in Bethlehem, five in Tulkarm, five in Qalqilya, five in Jerusalem, six in Tubas, and two in Salfit.”

“Inside the city of Hebron, Israeli paratroopers fanned out across the streets, sealed off most entrances to the city and no cars were allowed in or out of the city. While Israel extended its dragnet to other Palestinian cities, a 20-year-old Palestinian was killed by Israeli army fire in the refugee camp of Jalazoun.”

“Five Palestinian youths were killed by Israeli Occupation Army during the past month. Two of them were Nadim Siam Abu Nuwara, 17, and Mohammed Mahmoud Odeh Salameh, 16, who were shot dead at an annual Nakba Day protest outside of Ofer prison. A video footage showed the youths did not pose a threat to life to Israeli soldiers.”

“Palestinians view the Israeli campaign with deep skepticism. The disparities between how the Israeli media reacted to the allegedly missing three teenagers — compared to the thousands of Palestinian prisoners, including more than 200 arrested in the last 24 hours — has made it hard to take the campaign seriously and invoked questions related to the credibility of the Israeli story.”

“Their alleged disappearance came on the 50th day of an ongoing hunger strike by more than 125 Palestinian prisoners who are being administratively detained without charge by the Israeli Occupation Authorities and without any judicial process.”

“Palestinian prisoners in Israeli custody were being punished by Israel, through the banning of family visits and other oppressive procedures. 125 Palestinian administrative detainees entered their 53rd day of a collective hunger strike. The strike and suffering of the prisoners has been hardly covered by the Israeli media.”

“The Palestinian Government, which administers 38% of the West Bank, can’t be blamed for security issues; the teens allegedly went missing in a territory under full Israeli control and not in areas controlled by Palestinians. By blaming the State of Palestine, Israel is putting pressure on the Palestinian Unity Government.”

Source: WAFA