Israeli Forces Storm Bethlehem Zakat Committee Premises, Seize Belongings

BETHLEHEM, December 29, 2015 (WAFA) – Israeli forces predawn Tuesday stormed and wreaked havoc into the Zakat committee’s premises in the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, said security sources.

A large Israeli military force stormed the zakat committee’s premises in central Bethlehem, destroying doors, ransacking it and seizing several computers and files.

On December 12, forces raided al-Ihsan Medical Center in Bethlehem, seizing several computers and patients’ medical records.

Ministry of Waqf and Religious Affairs Yousef Id‘ies decried the Israeli raid, noting that the Bethlehem Zakat Committee is administered and approved by his ministry.

The zakat committee collects and utilizes zakat, an Islamic tax, for the sponsorship of orphans and providing emergency assistance for poor families.

Id‘ies slammed that Israeli raid as part of arbitrary and inhuman Israeli measures that would harm vulnerable and needy Palestinian groups.

During October, Israeli troops raided al-Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem three times, in search for outpatient medical records, attacking staff and firing tear gas canisters in its premises.

During November, Israeli undercover forces, disguised as Palestinians, killed a Palestinian and kidnapped his cousin during a raid into a Hebron hospital.

During the raid, forces shot dead ʻAbdullah ʻAzzam Shalalda, 27, and nabbed his cousin, ʻAzzam, 22.