Israel Launches Several Airstrikes on Gaza, Injures Palestinians

GAZA, June 16, 2014 (WAFA) – A number of injuries were reported Monday following a series of Israeli airstrikes which targeted several locations in the Gaza Strip, according to media sources.

Israeli F16 jet fighters fired a missile targeting a location located between Khan Younes and Deir El Balah, setting fire to property and causing the destruction of the site as well as spreading panic and fear among local residents, especially children.

Meanwhile, Israeli warplanes launched three airstrikes targeting two locations to the east and southeast of the city of Gaza, injuring two Palestinians and causing a mass destruction to residents’ properties. The injured were transferred to hospital for medical treatment.

An Apache aircraft also fired two missiles targeting a location in al-Zaytoon neighborhood, east of the city of Gaza, completely destroying the site and causing several injuries among residents after being hit by the flying shards of windows glass caused by the explosion.

In the meantime, warplanes launched three airstrikes, targeting As-Safina area to the northwest of Gaza, setting fire to the site and causing its destruction.

Israeli reconnaissance aircrafts are flying over most parts of the Gaza Strip at a low height, while areas along the borders to the east and north of Gaza are witnessing unusual movements by Israeli vehicles, WAFA correspondent reported.

Source: WAFA