Israeli Prosecutor Takes ‘Harsher Policies’ against Palestinian Minors in Jerusalem

Pal children in israeli prison

JERUSALEM, September 22, 2014 (WAFA) – The Israeli Jerusalem district prosecutor has decided to take ‘harsher policies’ against Palestinian children in Jerusalem, under the pretext of a surge in stone attacks against Israeli vehicles, Monday revealed the Israeli daily of Haaretz.

It said that under the new policies, the prosecutor is liable to request remand until the end of proceedings.

“The prosecutor’s office said the policy does not differentiate between Arabs and Jews, but in case of Jews the court is usually willing to entertain an alternative to jail, while such alternatives are usually rejected when it comes to Arabs,” the daily added.

“The policy change began shortly after the murder of the Palestinian teen Mohammaed Abu Khdeir on July 2,” said Haaretz, adding that Israeli Police arrested more than 260 Palestinian children in East Jerusalem last month.

The cold-blooded burning and murder of Abu Khdeir spurred fierce confrontations in the city between angry Palestinians and police. More than 760 Palestinians were since then arrested, of whom at least 260 minors. They were convicted of rioting, attacking a police officer and endangering human life on a road.


Source: WAFA