Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Bus Driver in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, April 14, 2016 (WAFA) – A group of Israeli settlers Thursday attacked a Palestinian bus driver near the central station to the west of Jerusalem, before fleeing the scene, according to local sources.

The driver, who works for Israel’s biggest public transportation company, Egged, sustained various injuries and bruises throughout his body, which necessitated his transfer to hospital for medical treatment.

The driver, who was identified as Zohair Abu Khudair, 36, is a local from Shu’fat neighborhood, in central Jerusalem.

The driver’s family said they have filed a complaint to the Israeli police.

According to a report from an Israeli organization for the defense of Human Rights, Yesh Din, ‘Israeli settlers enjoy widespread impunity in crimes on Palestinians in the West Bank, reported Ynet News.

“85.3% of Palestinian complaints are closed without further action due to the inability of investigators to arrest suspects or to gather enough evidence to file an indictment,” said the rights group.

the NGO said, “the probability that a complaint filed by a Palestinian from the Israeli police will lead to an effective investigation; the arrest of a suspect and his judgment is just 1.8%.”

According to a Yesh din report titled ‘Mock Enforcement; Failure to Enforce the Law on Israeli civilians in the West Bank’, “The main conclusion that arises from the examination of investigation  files that were closed without charges is that police investigations are characterized by investigators’ negligence and failure to perform basic investigative tasks. As stated, the result is that very few investigations lead to indictments.”