Israeli Soldiers, Settlers Team Up to Terrorize People in Hebron

HEBRON, September 23, 2013 (WAFA) – Israeli soldiers continued Monday and for the second day in a row raiding homes in Hebron, trashing people’s belongings and arresting residents while Israeli settlers teamed up with the soldiers in terrorizing the civilian Palestinian population in the city, according to security sources.

The army and settlers campaign against Hebron residents came a day after an Israeli soldier was shot and killed near the Ibrahimi mosque (Cave of the Patriarchs) in the old city of Hebron.

Israel said it believes a Palestinian was responsible for the shooting even though no Palestinian group took responsibility for it.

Immediately after the shooting, Israeli soldiers set up road blocks on all entrances to Hebron, prevented people from leaving or entering the largest West Bank city and conducted extensive search campaign to catch the shooter.

In the process, Palestinians said the soldiers broke into many homes, destroyed furniture and belongings and arrested a number of people.

Settlers also attacked Palestinian homes located in the vicinity of the settlements in an apparent revenge act.

Meanwhile, residents clashed with soldiers on the contact points between the Israeli-controlled old city, known as H2, and H1, the Palestinian-controlled area. At least 11 people were injured from rubber-coated metal bullets and suffered from tear gas inhalation fired by the soldiers.

Israeli officials also called on their government to stop the negotiations with the Palestinians as a result of the shooting.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also called on settlers to occupy a Palestinian-owned building in Hebron, not far from the shooting place, in what he said was a response to the killing of the soldier.

The building in question is under litigation as Palestinians have questioned the settlers’ takeover in Israeli courts and demanded its return to its lawful Palestinian owners.

source:WAFA NEWS