Israelis Attack Palestinian Schoolgirls in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, September 28, 2013 (WAFA) – Three Israeli settlers Saturday attacked two Palestinian schoolgirls who were passing through the Jewish quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem on their way to school, according to one of the girls’ father.

Ahmad Abu Rmeileh said his daughter, Thikra, 13, and her cousin, Ghada Abu Rmeileh, 13, were taking the same route to school they take every day from their home in Silwan to school inside the Old City when three Israelis surprised them and attacked them beating them on the face, pushing them and cursing them, which gravely frightened the girls.

Abu Rmeileh complained the incident to an Israeli police station inside the Old City, which he said, was able to identify the Israelis from a camera installed in the area.

source:WAFA NEWS