Israel’s Aggression Targets National Unity, says PLO


RAMALLAH, July 10, 2014 (WAFA) – The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)’s Negotiations Affairs Department said, in a special report Wednesday, the “latest Israeli criminal assault against the Palestinian people aims at targeting Palestinian national unity, weakening Palestinian institutions and enforcing the disconnection between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.”

The report said the Israeli offensive includes the “collective punishment of the Palestinian people throughout the occupied West Bank, including Israel, and the Gaza Strip.”

“Alarmingly, in the past few days, the Israeli government has severely intensified its actions against the already besieged Gaza and its 1.7 million inhabitants,” remarked the PLO.

“As an occupying power, Israel is required to comply with obligations under international humanitarian law,” adding: “Nevertheless, it systematically continues to violate its obligations through unrelenting colonization, expropriation and aggression in Palestine.”

The report said “despite their withdrawal from the colonies inside Gaza in 2005, Israel continues to occupy the Gaza Strip. The disengagement merely transformed the military occupation from one of physical presence inside Gaza into an occupation by siege, aimed at separating Gaza from the rest of the Occupied State of Palestine.”

The PLO said “Israel still maintains effective control over Gaza’s airspace, territorial waters and border crossings for both persons and goods.”

“The international community is under a moral, political and legal responsibility to protect the Palestinian people and to put an end to Israeli aggression in Palestine.”

“Israeli bombardments and military offensives against the Palestinian people have left thousands dead and injured and mass destruction in their wake.”

“The regular airstrikes and draconian siege against Gaza have left it unable to rebuild and redevelop its infrastructures in the aftermath of the major Israeli aggressions of December 2008/January 2009 and November 2012.”

“The people of Gaza still suffer from the effects of Israeli policies of separation between Gaza and the rest of the Occupied State of Palestine.”


Table of Israel’s Violations to the international law in the Occupied State of Palestine

Event From 08:00 AM 13th June –

08:00 AM 30th June

From 08:00 AM 30th June –

08:00 AM 8th July

Assassination 2 0 2
Killings 9 34 43
Injury 147 357 504
Raids 707 145 852
Detention 632 171 803
Flying Checkpoints 365 139 504
Settler Attacks 58 102 160




Names of Palestinian Killed since Israel’s attack on Gaza Strip

08 AM, 13TH JUNE 2014 – 08AM, 9TH JULY 2014

1 June 14 Ali Abed Al-Latef Al-Awour

(Injuries sustained on 11.6.2014)

North Gaza 10
2 June 27 Mohammad Qaddih Gaza N/A
3 Osama al-Husami Gaza N/A
4 June 29 Mohammad Abu-Rizq Khan Younis N/A
5 July 06 MazenFaraj El-Jarba Central Gaza N/A
6 Marwan Hassan Saleem Central Gaza N/A
7 Ibrahim Ahmad Abdeen Rafah N/A
8 July 07 Abed Elrahman Jamal Elzameli Rafah N/A
9 Ibrahim Daoud Al-Balawi Rafah N/A
10 Juma’ AtehShalouf Rafah N/A
11 Khlaed Abdel ElHadi Abu Mur Rafah N/A
12 Mustafa Abdel ElHadi Abu Mur Rafah N/A
13 July 08 Hafez Hamad North Gaza 30
14 Ibrahim Hamad North Gaza 26
15 Mahdi Hamad North Gaza 46
16 FawziehHamad North Gaza 62
17 DuniaHamad North Gaza 16
18 SuhaHamad North Gaza 25
19 Mohammad Sha’ban Gaza 24
20 Amjad Sha’ban Gaza 30

Source: WAFA