Israel’s Excessive Home Demolitions in Jerusalem Focus of Dailies

RAMALLAH, Jul 26, 2016 (WAFA) – The three Palestinian Arabic dailies focused in their Tuesday issue on Israel’s demolition of 11 homes in the town of Qalandia, north of Jerusalem.

They said Israeli forces demolished 11 homes in the town of Qalandia, north of Jerusalem, under the pretext of construction without permission.

On a different subject, al-Ayyam said President Mahmoud Abbas warned the Arab countries against normalizing their relations with Israel before ending its occupation of Palestine.

The dailies quoted from Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying: “The present Palestinian issue’s situation is unacceptable for the Russian leadership”, this message was directed to the Arab leaders who convened in the Arab Summit in Nouakchott.

Al-Quds said the United Nations condemned Israel’s decision to build 770 new housing units in illegal settlements in Jerusalem.

Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah reported that Israeli authorities issued administrative detention orders against 31 Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails.