Jerusalem Women Parliament II Conference Lauds Women Role in Society

JERUSALEM, April 21, 2013 (WAFA) – The Jerusalem women parliament held Sunday its second annual conference at Al-Quds university in Abu-Dis, east of Jerusalem, to commend and discuss the Jerusalemite women efforts and hard work in civil society development.

The conference attended by officials and parliamentarians discussed women efforts and role in advancing their local community through various programs that meet their needs.

It started its opening session by raising the issue of the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails, stressing the need to release them and dedicating the success of this forum to the prisoners and their families.

Sari Nussaibeh, president of the Al-Quds University who began the address at the conference said: “I had doubts regarding the success of the women parliament when I first heard of it in 2009, not questioning Palestinian women rights and duties or their abilities in decision making, but due to the lack of the international interest in this subject especially in Jerusalem as this was unlikely to happen.”

Adnan al-Husseini, Jerusalem governor and minister of Jerusalem affairs, who attended the conference, took the platform after Nussaibeh and praised the Palestinian women, especially the Jerusalemites, highlighting the sufferings they go through under the Israeli occupation and concentrating on the female prisoners and their families.

In addition to speeches, art played an important role in the conference as folkloric groups performed traditional Dabka and national songs, mostly dedicated to prisoners in Israeli jails.

Most women wore the traditional Palestinian dresses and white kuffiya, the national scarf, as part of the conference Palestinian theme and in confirmation of the Palestinian identity.

This feminist parliament is one of the programs of the community development center which is headed by Abdallah Kisswani and aims to raise awareness for women to enhance and develop their abilities through various programs and activities.

Kisswani stressed, during the conference, the active role of the Palestinian women in civil society development especially within the Jerusalem governorate.

The conference was concluded by the announcement of the parliament new committees’ formation that, according to Wafa’ Bukhari the Parliament Secretary, will be based on promoting democratic performances and respecting the different opinions of other women.

The Jerusalem women parliament was founded in April 2009. It aims to aid in the development of Palestinian women in Jerusalem in order to form a lobby for Jerusalemite women through developing and enhancing their abilities in building a democratic civil society.

Source: WAFA News