Leadership to Seek International Action against Israeli Campaign

RAMALLAH, June 22, 2014 (WAFA) – Palestinian leadership Sunday embarked on intensive communications to hold an urgent session for the UN Security Council to address the ongoing Israeli military campaign and aggression, as well as to safeguard the Palestinian people.

The leadership condemned, in a statement Sunday, the Israeli “open-ended aggression” and the collective punishment in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

“The oppressive Israeli aggression during the past few days, which led to the killing of six of our people, violating the sanctity of homes, in addition to the raids on institutions, associations and universities, and the arrest of hundreds and re-arrest of ex-detainees, whose release was previously agreed upon – under the pretext of searching for the three missing settlers, means that the Israeli government is pushing towards more tension and towards an ‘outburst,” the statement said.

The statement added the aggression will drive the leadership towards more commitment to the national rights, of gaining independence, freedom and maintaining national unity.

Source: WAFA