Minister: Israel Breaches International Law by Extracting Palestine’s Oil

RAMALLAH, June 24, 2014 (WAFA) – Minister of National Economy Mohammad Mustafa said Tuesday that Israel breaches international law by extracting oil in land of the Palestinian state without coordinating with the Palestinian side.

He stressed that, “the natural resources in the land of the Palestinian state belong to the Palestinian people.”

During an interview with a local radio, Mustafa said the Israeli side sent a message to the Palestinian side calling it to drop a tender offer, announced three months ago, to procure bids from companies specializing in oil extraction to cooperate with the State of Palestine to supply oil to the local markets in the West Bank. He noted that the offer will sustain “regardless of the Israeli message.”

He considered this Israeli measure a proof of Israel’s desire to prevent the Palestinian self-reliant economic development, despite its claims that it seeks to support the Palestinian economy.

Nonetheless, Mustafa stressed that the Palestinian side is committed to international agreements, including Oslo Agreement, noting that “proper coordination” will be followed in case a contract for oil extraction in Area C was signed.


Source: WAFA