Minister of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Reveals Preliminary Autopsy Results Qaraqe: Clear Signs of Torture Evident on Jaradat’s Body

RAMALLAH, February 24, 2013 – Office of the Prime Minister, Government Media Center

Minister of Detainees and Ex-Detainees’ Affairs Issa Qaraqe convened a press conference this Sunday evening at the Palestine Government Media Center with Mr. Qadura Fares, head of the Prisoners’ Club, to announce the preliminary results of the autopsy conducted on the late detainee Arafat Jaradat, who was martyred on Saturday in the Israeli Prison ‘Majido”; the information shared was conveyed to the Minister the Dr. Saber Al-Aloul, the Director of the Palestinian Forensic Medicine Institute, who participated in the autopsy this Sunday afternoon.

“Respecting the right of the Jaradat family and our public to gain access to information relating to the late Arafat Jaradat’s death, we decided to announce the preliminary results of the autopsy, which will be included in the official report to the government tomorrow, Monday”, said the Minister, adding, “the information we have received so far is shocking and painful; the evidence corroborates our suspicion that Mr. Jaradat died as a result of torture, especially since the autopsy clearly proved that the victim’s heart was healthy, which disproves the initial alleged account presented by occupation authorities that he died of a heart attack”.

The Minister shared the following details from the autopsy findings: 

  • Injuries and severe bruising in the upper right back area. 
  • Severe bruises of sharp circular shape in the right chest area. 
  • Evidence of severe torture and on the muscle of the upper left shoulder, parallel to the spine in the lower neck area. 
  • Evidence of severe torture under the skin and inside the muscle of the right side of the chest. 
  • Heart is in good condition and there were no signs of bruising or stroke.
  • Broken second and third rib in the right side of the chest. 
  • Injuries in the middle of the muscle of the right hand.

Minister Qaraqe concluded by affirming “the full responsibility of the Israeli occupation for this crime”, reiterating that “States party to the UN Charter and relevant international conventions, including the Fourth Geneva Convention, have a standing legal and international responsibility to compel Israel to respect the law and stop the use of torture as well as holding Israel accountable for its clear violations of international law and the rights of Palestinian prisoners”.