New Publications

The Israeli Government’s Unbreakable Commitment to the Israeli Settlement Enterprise, Fact Sheet, PLO, June 2013

Six Questions for Resuming Negotiations, Fact Sheet, PLO, June 2013

Nakba – The Untold Story of a Cultural Catastrophe, PLO, May 2013

Israeli Policies and Practices in Occupied East Jerusalem, Fact Sheet, PLO, May 2013

Recognize the Nakba, Info-Graphic, PLO, May 2013

EU Trade with Israeli Settlements, Fact Sheet, PLO, May 2013

Bearing the Cross of Colonization: The Via Dolorosa Today, Fact Sheet, PLO, Easter 2013

The Ghettoization of Beit Safafa, Fact Sheet, PLO, March 2013

Blocking Peace: The Myth of Israeli Settlement Blocs, Fact sheet, PLO, March 2013

Destination Palestine: Tourism’s Denied Potential, PLO, December 2012

Colonizing Christmas: Facts on Israeli Occupation and Bethlehem, Fact sheet, PLO, December 2012

Palestine at the United Nations – Vote for Peace and Justice, PLO, November 2012

The significance of November in the Palestinian struggle for freedom, PLO, November 2012

“Settler Violence and Israeli Incitement. A Culture of Hate”, PLO, September 2012

“45 Years of Israeli Occupation. What is Left of the two-State Solution”, PLO, September 2012

“Negotiations Primer”, PLO, 2012

“Recognizing Palestine. An Investment in Peace”, PLO, 2012

“Situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967”, UN report, September 2012

“Children in Military Custody”. A report written by a delegation of British lawyers on the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law.
The report and visit was funded by the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office, June 2012

“Is it all about territory? Israel’s settlement policy in the occupied Palestinian territory since 1967”, DIIS report by Leila Stockmarr, PhD Fellow, Roskilde University, June 2012

“Nakba – The Untold Story of a Cultural Catastrophe”, Palestinian Liberation Organisation, May 2012

“When Settlers Attack” by Yousef Munayyer, The Palestine Center, 2012

“Equitable Development: Moving Forward Despite the Occupation” by Salam Fayyad, The Palestinian National Authority, March 21st 2012


Mission of Palestine in Denmark