News Agencies

Palestine News and Info Agency – Wafa

Palestine News and Information Agency (WAFA) is the official Palestinian news service. The news agency is under the PLO Executive Committee, which is headed by Mahmoud Abbas.

Maan News Agency

Launched in 2005, Ma’an News Agency (MNA) publishes news around the clock in Arabic and English, and is among the most browsed websites in the Palestinian territories, with over 3 million visits per month. Considered the main source of independent news from Palestine, MNA has become the first choice for online information for many Palestinians, and is also attracting a growing international readership and interest from prominent international news organizations and agencies.

Palestine News Network

PNN was launched in 2002 by a group of independent Palestinian journalists and editors who report from a Palestinian perspective as they see that the media is rife with Israeli sources. They strive to empower the Palestinian people and their cause, particularly that of nonviolent resistance to occupation. PNN has won the confidence of the people in addition to local and international press agencies by providing quick, accurate, credible and objective news.

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics aims to develop and enhance the Palestinian official statistical system based on legal grounds that organize the process of data collection and utilization for statistical purposes.

Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) was established in 2006 to support the journalists in the territories who continue to face numerous oppressive constraints in their fight for freedom of expression.  The vision of MADA is to end the violations against journalists, support them in their work, reduce practices of self-censorship out of fear of reprisal, and facilitate Palestinian media in reclaiming its role as the fourth authority.

The Jerusalem Media and Communications Centre (JMCC)

The JMCC was established in 1988 by a group of Palestinian journalists and researchers seeking to disseminate information on events in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip. It was the first Palestinian organization to conduct regular opinion polls of Palestinian political attitudes, and these surveys have served as a critical benchmark on the health of the peace process for nearly two decades.

The Palestine Monitor

The Palestine Monitor was established in December 2000, after the start of the Second Intifada. Though the face of occupation has changed over the last decade, the principles upon which we were founded remain the same. We aim to cover the conflict and occupation from within Palestine, to report on what is happening to the Palestinians, here on the ground.