Newspaper Review: Palestinians Commemorate 68th Anniversary of Nakba

RAMALLAH, May 15, 2016 (WAFA) – The three major Palestinian dailies focused in their Sunday issue on the Palestinians’ commemoration of the Nakba, or the Catastrophe, of 1948.

The three dailies quoted President Mahmoud Abbas in a speech in memory of the Nakba as saying: “We are seeking the internationalization of the Palestinian cause, and will continue in struggle until a Palestinian state is recognized with Jerusalem as its capital”.

Al-Ayyam and al-Hayat Al-Jadida reported that Israeli settlers spray-painted racist slogans at Hasan Beik mosque in Jaffa.  The slogans called for the death of the Arabs, and called for “revenge”.

Al-Quds reported that Israeli forces on Saturday detained a Palestinian policeman from Bethlehem, claiming he had been planning an attack on Israeli targets.

Al-Quds quoted the Palestinian National Council as saying: “There will be no security and no peace without the return of [the Palestinian] refugees to their homes and lands”. The Palestinian National Council demanded the UN to work for the implementation of resolution 194 to enable the refugees for returning to their homeland.

Al-Ayyam said that UNECEF expressed its concerns over Israeli forces’ killing of 25 Palestinian children in three months.