Newspapers Review: Syria Dominates Front Page Headlines

RAMALLAH, August 22, 2013 (WAFA) – The situation in Syria following claims that the Syrian army used chemical weapons against civilians killing more than 1300 people dominated the front page headlines in the three Palestinian Arabic dailies on Thursday.

The papers showed pictures of the victims of the attack with the three of them pointing the blame directly on the Syrian regime. They said the United Nations Security Council is holding urgent consultations on the situation in Syria.

The papers reported as well on the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks, highlighting the differences that seem to have surfaced over participation of the US peace envoy, Martin Indyk, in the talks.

The Palestinians are complaining that Israel did not allow Indyk to participate in the talks so far and would not allow the quartet to be present either.

Israeli measures in Jerusalem, particularly digs under al-Aqsa Mosque and plans to build biblical parks on Arab land in al-Tur, as well as settlement activity in the West Bank were also highlighted on the front page of the dailies. The arson at a Christian monastery outside Jerusalem by Jewish fanatics was also reported on the front page.

A court decision to release former Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, from jail and put him under house arrest was also featured on the front page of the dailies.

Al-Ayyam quoted Hamas sources denying presence of any the leaders of the Egyptian Brotherhood in the Gaza Strip. It also said Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, attacked calls for mutiny, “tamarod,” in Gaza by the youth and said this language should be used against the Israeli occupation, not against Palestinians.

Al-Hayat al-Jadida quoted government spokesman Ihab Bseiso denying reports that the Palestinian Authority is trying to replace Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt with Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing with Israel.

It said that the public employees union is threatening to take action against the government within two weeks if it does not pay cost of living increases to the employees.

It also said in another story that Bashayer Othman, 15, will assume the post of minister of local government for one hour on Thursday in an effort by the ministry to give young people a chance to participate in public life.

Al-Quds reported on the government reshuffle in Jordan.

sourec:WAFA NEWS