Official: Over 500 Palestinians Benefited from Indian Technical Training

JERICHO, March 12, 2013 (WAFA) – More than 500 Palestinians have benefited from technical training by the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) program, Indian representative to the Palestinian Authority, B.S, Mubarak, said on Monday.

He said that the concept of holding an ITEC Day in Jericho “is to bring together our brothers and sisters who have graduated in India and undergone ITEC training in India and to ensure that the bond established during their stay in India continues.”

Mubarak said that an estimated 12,000 Palestinians have graduated from Indian universities and more than 500 have participated in ITEC training courses.

“I can find graduates from India in all walks of life in Palestine, be it government organizations, reputed non-government organizations or major business establishments,” he said. “Any place I visit, there is someone who welcomes me with a smile and is ready to give a helping hand, is ready to assist and facilitate us in our endeavor to strengthen the Indo-Palestine relations.”

Mubarak said that ITEC training for Palestinian nationals is a recent phenomenon. It is offered in various professional streams, from election management, accounting, banking, software and various other fields.

“The present trend is to support Palestinian nationals in capacity building and hence short term training is more in demand,” he said.

Mubarak stressed that India’s rapid progress in the last few decades was mainly due to the development in human resources.

“Our national leaders realized the importance of education and investment in technology. Today we have an advanced self reliant technology in almost every field, be it space, nuclear, agriculture and other technologies. We are a leader in the computer software programming. Most of the leading companies of the world have their back offices in India, which offers efficient, reliable and affordable services,” he said.

The Indian official expressed regret that Gazans could not take part in the event.

“Today, I am reminded of our brothers in Gaza who are unable to participate in the event due to the unnatural separation between West Bank and Gaza,” he said.

“People of Palestine are one of the most intelligent and hard working people. You deserve to live with freedom and dignity. I sincerely hope that the day for your liberation is not far and in the near future we would celebrate more such events in a liberated State of Palestine along with our brothers from Gaza,” he added.

He praised Indo-Palestinian relations, saying that India’s solidarity with the people of Palestine does not need any description.

He also thanked Jericho’s governor, Majid Fityani, for “joining hands with the Representative Office of India to celebrate the ITEC Day in Jericho.”

Source: WAFA News