Organization: Israel Tortures Prisoners under the Law

GAZA, May 5, 2014 (WAFA) – Al-Mezan Center for Human rights said, in a press release on Monday, the Israeli law provides immunity and amnesty to investigators of the Israeli Security General Service to  practice torture and ill-treatment against Palestinian prisoners, in violation of prisoners’ rights.

The statement said the Israeli authorities continued with their violations against the Palestinian prisoners through administrative detention, military courts, medical negligence, prevention of family visits, surprise raids and strip searches, in addition to torturing and other measures of ill-treatment against prisoners.

Under Israeli laws, investigators are exempted from recording investigations with Palestinian prisoners, whereas investigations with Israelis must be recorded. Investigators are therefore implicitly entitled to torture Palestinian prisoners.

To be noted, dozens of administrative Palestinian detainees, held by Israel without charge or trial, have launched a hunger strike since April 24 to protest against their illegal imprisonment and continued breach of previously signed agreements by the prisons’ administration.

Source: WAFA