Palestinian Killed, Others Injured in Israeli Army Raid into Qalandia Camp

JERUSALEM, March 1, 2016 (WAFA) – A Palestinian was fatally dead, and 15 others were shot and injured during late Monday night and predawn violent clashes that engulfed Qalandia Refugee Camp to the north of Jerusalem.

WAFA correspondent reported that hundreds of Israeli armed soldiers, backed by military helicopters,  stormed the camp during the late night hours on Tuesday, and turned it into a closed military zone, after imposing a tight military cordon around it, under the pretext of rescuing two undercover soldiers who were exposed during a military raid and reportedly hid inside the camp’s cemetery.

According to witnesses and Israeli media sources, between 1300 and 1500 soldiers, backed by military jeeps, armored personnel carriers, bulldozers, and  army Apache helicopters, surrounded the camp from all directions, amid heavy firing of live bullets, stun grenades, and tear gas canisters toward locals.

During the military raid, local Iyad Omar Sajdyeh, 22, a fourth-year college student, was shot and killed by a sniper bullet, whereas 14 others sustained various live and rubber bullet wounds. At least five soldiers were injured during the raid, noted an Israeli police spokesperson.

According to the Israeli media narrative, an Israeli ‘Toyota’ military jeep, carrying two undercover Israeli soldiers, that stormed the camp during the late night hours on Tuesday, was exposed by the camp’s locals, who attacked the vehicle with stones and set it on fire. The undercover soldiers reportedly hid inside the camp’s cemetery. Large army reinforcement arrived shortly after and secured their exit out of the camp.

The heavy firing of bullets and tear gas canisters caused a Palestinian-owned house located near the camp to catch fire. The house belongs to local family of al-Salaymeh.

Forces reportedly prevented Palestinian ambulances from entering the camp to evacuate the injured Palestinian locals.

The killing of Sajdyeh brings the total number of Palestinians killed since the onset of violence across the Palestinian Territory in early October 2015, to 182, including 41 minors, and eight women.