Palestinian Leadership: Egyptian Security is an Arab National Security Matter

RAMALLAH, August 17, 2013 (WAFA) – The Palestinian leadership said Friday in a statement that harming the Egyptian security will also harm the Arab national security and its fundamental cause.

“The Palestinian leadership and people are closely following the developments in Egypt,” said the statement. “They consider any attempt to harm the Egyptian security is an attempt to harm the Arab and Islamic national security and a threat to the Palestinian cause,” it added.

“The Egyptian security is the safety valve of the Arab national security and the unruly hands that are trying to jeopardize the Egyptian state and to harm its security and the stability of the Egyptian people are serving a dubious scheme aimed at the unity of Egypt and the security and stability of all Arab countries,” added the statement.

The Palestinian leadership welcomed the position of Saudi Arabia and its king from the Egyptian crisis and called on “everyone to support Egypt and to oppose any interference in its internal affairs.”

It said, “We also reject terrorism aimed at the public institutions and places of worship.”

The statement concluded: “We are confident that Egypt will overcome this stage and return to play its focal role for the sake of Arab causes, particularly the Palestinian cause.”

source: WAFA NEWS