Palestinians Urge Foreign Press to Seek Truth on Prisoners

RAMALLAH, April 13, 2013 (WAFA) – Palestinian officials Saturday urged members of the foreign press in Israel to seek the truth about living conditions of 4800 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails and not to take the Israeli version for granted.

The Israel Prisons Service has invited foreign journalists to tour Ofer prison and military camp near Ramallah on Sunday.

Speaking at a press conference in Ramallah, Minister of Prisoners Issa Qaraqi urged the journalists to ask the prisoners they might meet about “the tragic conditions” they live under in the Israeli jails.

“Ask them about the medical neglect, the isolation, stealing of the canteen, torture and methods of interrogation of children, sanitation and the rotten mattresses they sleep on,” he said. “Ask them about everything.”

Head of the Prisoners Club, Qaddoura Faris, said Israel is taking the journalists to Ofer prison only, which is located in the occupied West Bank, while it will not take them to visit the prisons Palestinians are held in inside Israel in clear violation of international law because it is afraid of what will be said on this.

International law, he said, does not allow the occupying power to transfer people under its occupation from their place of residence.

Source: WAFA News