PLO says Killings Could Undermine Peace Efforts

RAMALLAH, August 26, 2013 (WAFA) – The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization Monday condemned the Israeli army killing of three Palestinians in Qalandia and warned in a statement that such acts could undermine peace efforts.

“This repulsive crime which came along with a rise in settlement activity in the occupied Palestinian territory, particularly in Jerusalem, and which coincide with resumption of negotiations, expose the true intentions of the Israeli government toward the peace process and undermine international and US efforts to make the peace process successful,” it said.

The PLO held the Israeli government responsible for the developments and called on the international community and the US government in its capacity as mediator of the peace process “to prevent the collapse of the process due to the crimes and non-stop Israeli measures that could torpedo chances of peace and the two-state solution.”

source:WAFA NEWS