Political Group in European Parliament Calls for Immediate End to Violence in Gaza

Bombe over Gaza

GAZA, July 17, 2014 – (WAFA) – Eight Palestinians were killed and dozens of others were injured Thursday as the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip entered its tenth day, bringing the death toll to 230 and injuries to 1,685.

WAFA correspondent reported that Israeli warplanes conducted air raids across Gaza Strip, claiming the lives of eight Palestinians and injuring dozens as well as causing extensive and large-scale damage to civilian property, institutions, and infrastructure.

Israeli warplanes pounded Deir Al-Balah, claiming the life of Salem Fayyad, 25, who was taken into Shuhada Al-Aqsa hospital.

Meanwhile, another strike targeting Al-‘Atatra, to the north of Beit Lahia, claimed the life of Ahmad Rihan, 23, and injured many others, including a serious injury.

Another strike on Rafah in southern Gaza Strip took the life of Mohammad Hassouna, 67, while a youth was seriously injured in a strike while on his way to perform Al-Fajr Prayers.

Israeli warplanes also targeted Khan Younes in southern strip, claiming the life of Zeinab Al-‘Abbadla, 70, who succumbed to her wounds in the European Gaza hospital.

Warplanes also targeted a Palestinian’s house in Abu Al-‘Agin to the east of Deir Al-Balah, claiming the life of Mahmoud Al-Qedim, 22.

Israeli tanks shelled a home belonging to Abu Sneineh family in the eastern part of Rafah, claiming the lives of three Palestinians, including Bashir El‘al, ‘Abdallah Al-Akhras and a woman whose identity is still unknown, and injuring several others.

The three Palestinians’ bodies were blown into pieces as they reached  Abu Yousef Al-Najjar hospital.

Israel has so far killed 230 Palestinians, including 49 children, 37 women and 30 elderly, and injured 1,685 Palestinians, including 445 children.


Source: WAFA