Pope Francis Thanks Abbas for Warm Welcome

RAMALLAH, June 10, 2014 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas received a letter from Pope Francis, where he expressed his sincere gratitude for president Mahmoud Abbas’ and the Palestinian people’s cordial warm welcome during his visit to Bethlehem and Jerusalem in late May.

Pope Francis mentioned his ‘utmost appreciation to the President, the various authorities and the entire Palestinian people for the cordial welcome and the celebrations that took place in the birthplace of Jesus’ during his visit on May 24-26.

“ I am pleased, too, that I was able to show personally my closeness to all those suffering as a result of the tensions and conflicts which have all too long marked the Middle East” Francis wrote.

Francis expressed his joy “to meet with and encourage the small but active Christian community” that play an important role for the universal Church and the entire region as he mentioned.

“It is my hope that you, Mr President, and all your fellow-citizens will enjoy God’s abundant blessings of justice, peace and brotherhood” said Pope Francis.

He also expressed his longing to meet the President in Vatican which took place later on June 9, where Abbas attended a peace prayer at the Vatican.

Source: WAFA