Presidency Resembles Settlements to Mines

RAMALLAH, March 30, 2013 (WAFA) – Ongoing Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank along with the Apartheid Wall and settler terrorism are mines that threaten the entire region, according to a statement issued Saturday on the occasion of Land Day.

It said “the halt in the peace process and absence of a horizon due to Israel’s persistence with its settlement activity will undermine chances for the two-state solution and will sooner or later lead to an explosion.”

The presidency called on the international organizations, especially the United Nations, to immediately intervene to enforce resolutions that deemed settlements as illegal and a violation of all conventions.

It said, “Settlement activity, which is tearing apart our land and uses 37% of the West Bank land for settlement expansion, is threatening not only our legal right to establish our state on the land occupied in 1967, but also our future, our national existence and our right to live on the land of our ancestors.”

It stressed that it will not hesitate to resort to international organizations to practice its lawful right to stop settlement expansion.

Source: WAFA News