Prisoners Complain about Unbearable Conditions, Maltreatment in Israeli Jails

RAMALLAH, December 30, 2015 (WAFA) –Palestinians incarcerated in  Israeli jails Wednesday continued to complain about their unbearable living conditions and the Israeli prison service’ continued maltreatment against them, according to the Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs (CPA).

Israeli prison service has been maltreating Palestinian prisoners in Etzion detention center and those in solitary confinement in Magiddo prison, either during or prior to investigation.

CPA said Palestinian detainees in Etzion maintained that they are in dire need of  suitable and sufficient winter clothing and mattresses. Prisoners reported that food was of poor quality or insufficient in quantity.

The detainees are also routinely exposed to maltreatment, including physical assaults with jailers’  rifles and booted feet, during investigation. Israel uses physical force, and physiological pressure to extract confessions from Palestinian detainees. Some are left without necessary medical treatment for injuries they sustained during interrogation.

Meanwhile, CPA said nine Palestinians prisoners who are placed in solitary confinement in Magiddo prison have recently complained about the prison service escalated repressive measures against them; prisoners have been experiencing harsh imprisonment conditions, including being deprived of cooking equipment and hot water. Prisoners were further prevented from going out on their daily break.

Some were deprived of their right to family visitation under security pretences. Prisoners said they are placed in very narrow and rotten cells that lack the basic humanitarian requirements, including the infestation of insects and rats.

The nine prisoners who provided their affidavits were identified as Hussam Omar, Majed Jabaa, Mohammad Abu-Rabeaa, Fares Saadi, Abdur-Rahman Othman, Alex Baljiki, Samer Barq, Ghaleb Ghneim, and Hassan Khaizaran.

Furthermore, according to human rights groups, medical negligence has been a systematic policy in Israeli jails. The prisoner rights group Addameer asserts that the Israeli Prison Service maintains a systematic policy of medical negligence toward Palestinian detainees.