Prisoners Ministry: 6,000 Palestinians Detained in Israeli Prisons

RAMALLAH, July 7, 2014 – (WAFA) – Ministry of Prisoners Affairs stated Monday that the number of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons has significantly risen in recent weeks and totaled 6,000 according to latest statistics.

Head of the Ministry Statistical Department ‘Abdul Naser Ferwana said in a press release that the figure could rise in light of the escalating and ongoing Israeli arrest operations across the West Bank , including East Jerusalem.

Ferwana added that 83.4% of prisoners were detained from West Bank, 10.3% of prisoners were detained from Jerusalem and Arab Israeli towns and 6.3% of prisoners were detained from Gaza Strip. Prisoners are held in 18 prisons and detention centers across Israel, most notably of which are Nafha, Ramon, Al-Naqab, ‘Askalan, Ofer, Be’er Al-Sabe’ (Bir Sheva), Hadarim, Jalbou‘, Shatta, Meggido, Ramleh, Al-Damon and Hasharon.

He noted that 800 Palestinians, including 60 who had been released in Shalit prisoner-swap deal, has been arrested as part of the Israel large-scale arrest operations launched in the aftermath of disappearance of three settlers in June.

According to Ferwana, among the prisoners are 477 prisoners serving life sentences, 17 female prisoners, over 350 children under the age of 18 and 370 administrative detainees.

As part of the recent large-scale arrest operations, Israel arrested 12 parliamentarians and 3 former ministers. This brought the total number of parliamentarians held in Israeli prisons to 23.


Source: WAFA