Ramallah Art Gallery Stresses Support to Gaza


RAMALLAH, August 10, 2014 (WAFA) –Students, teenage artists, and other art-loving Palestinians participated in the opening of an art gallery, in support of Gaza, in Ramallah on Sunday.

During the opening of the gallery in Ramallah, Artist Abdalhadi Yaish, the director of the gallery, said besides showing the artistic sense of the students and the pioneers, the art gallery places great emphasis on the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza through a set of magnificent drawings.

Yaish said the gallery is the fruit of four months of intensive works, adding that “one of the main goals of the gallery is to support the children of Gaza.”

“Art is a message and a passport through which a talented student can travel all over the world,” said Yaish.

Dozens of portraits were glued to the walls at the entrance and inside the gallery signifying the ongoing offensive on Gaza; one of the pictures featured a man clouded with blood stains and masked with a Keffiyeh, while tightly holding onto and raising the map of Palestine over his head, undersigned with bold black reading ‘Gaza Resists.’

Another picture showed a mother and her son crying tears of blood as an Israeli rocket, stamped with the Star of David, is falling behind them, along with several other drawings of women drawn in black and white and smeared with blood drops.

When walking down the gallery, one can experience a hurtful sense of pain and anguish in each photo; most of the artwork featured in the gallery addressed the suffering of the Palestinians, including children and women, in Gaza.

Source: WAFA