Report: 100% of Palestinian prisoners are tortured in Israeli jails

A staggering percentage of 100% of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails suffer psychological, mental or physical abuse and torture in the hands of Israeli soldiers, according to a report published on Sunday.

Abdul Nasser Ferwaneh, a researcher specialized in prisoners’ affairs, said in a report marking the United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture on June 26 that every Palestinian detained in Israeli jails suffered inhumane and maltreatment, including verbal abuse, handcuffing and eye folding.

The report indicated that 91% of the prisoners were pushed around and beaten, 82% were deprived of sleep, 85% were forced to remain in uncomfortable positions for long hours, 95% did not receive healthy drinks or food, 57% were exposed to excessive heat or cold, and over 63% were beaten in gentiles.

Around 90% of detained Palestinian children were exposed to violence and beaten, while about 16% of them were sexually harassed and threatened, said the report, adding that illegal Israeli settlers in the Palestinian Territory turned in recent years into torture centers, especially of Palestinian children.

Ferwaneh urged to expose the unaccounted Israeli crimes committed against Palestinians in prisons, as well as the humiliating of prisoners’ families on their way to visit them, including strip search, verbal abuse and occasionally sexual harassment.

Source: WAFA News