Rights Group says 12 Prisoners are now on Hunger Strike

RAMALLAH, July 24, 2013 (WAFA) – A Palestinian human rights group said Wednesday that 12 prisoners in Israeli jails are currently on hunger strike.

Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association said the 12 prisoners are: Ayman Hamdan, on strike for 88 days, Emad Al-Batran, 79 days, Ayman Tabeesh, 63 days, Mohammad Tabeesh, 43 days, Adel Hareebat, 63 days, Husam Matir, 54 days, Abd Al Majid Khdeirat, 24 days, Abdallah Barghouthi, 84 days, Mohammad Rimawi, 84 days, Munir Mar’ee, 84 days, Alaa Hamad, 84 days, and Hamza Othman, 79 days.

It said the Israel Prison Service is mistreating the 12 Palestinian and Jordanian hunger strikers.

Addameer said that punishment of the striking prisoners escalates and the hunger strikers are beginning to be denied lawyers’ visits.

“This continuous policy of banning lawyers who visit the hunger strikers restricts the work of human rights organizations and further isolates the prisoners from the outside world in an attempt to break their strike,” said Addameer.

It said prisoners have reported that the Prison Service has tried many tactics to break their hunger strike, including putting them in cells with criminal prisoners, cooking and eating near their cells, and “roughing them up” while they are handcuffed to their hospital beds.

source : WAFA NEWS