Settlers Sabotage Car Wash Shop near Jerusalem

JERUSALEM, September 30, 2013 (WAFA) – Settlers late Saturday attacked and sabotaged a Palestinian-owned car wash shop as well as stole its equipments in the village of Nabi Samuel, northwest of Jerusalem, according to the shop owner.The owner, Anas Obaid, said that settlers from the illegal Israeli settlement of Ramout, built illegally on the village land, destroyed and stole heavy equipments from the shop for the second time during one mont. Settlers previously destroyed the main water tank as well as cut off the main electricity cables in the shop. Obaid said that he was handed a demolition notice for his shop under the pretext of the shop being built near a road used by settlers but he was able to cancel the demolition order at the Israeli high court. He said that settlers take advantage of the fact that his shop is closed on Saturdays to carry out their attacks on the shop which is the considered the source of living of around five Palestinian families.

source:WAFA NEWS