Spanish Foreign Ministry Condemns Shelling of Gaza UNRWA School


MADRID, August 4, 2014 – (WAFA) – Spain vehemently condemned Monday the shelling of a UNRWA-run school sheltering civilians by Israel in Gaza which left at least 10 Palestinians dead.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry said in a press release that this serious attack was the third-of-its-kind as another UNRWA-run facility sheltering thousands of internally-displaced Palestinians had been shelled in Gaza Strip.

The Ministry reiterated its immediate call for fully respecting international humanitarian law, especially provisions related to avoiding harming civilian population, as well as respecting inviolability of UN facilities that have been making great efforts to protect Palestinian civilians.

The Ministry urged the parties to immediately bring about a ceasefire and resume negotiations that would allow reaching an immediate and permanent ceasefire. It reiterated its support for the Egyptian ceasefire initiative and stressed that it would continue to work with EU partners to achieve fervently-desired peace.

Source: WAFA