Speakers at Popular Resistance Meeting call for Intensifying it

NABLUS, August 31, 2013 (WAFA) – Officials from various political factions Saturday called for intensifying the popular resistance movement, describing it as the people’s choice for this period.

Fatah Central Committee member Mahmoud Aloul told audience at the third Popular Resistance Conference held in the village of Qabalan, near Nablus, that the idea of popular non-violent resistance should become the approach of the people throughout the occupied territory.

“We want to spread the experience of popular resistance to become a way of thinking for our people and to constantly intensify it,” he said. “We should encourage the idea of economic boycott of the occupation authority, which has become one of the most effective tools in this resistance, and to make it a way of thinking for our people.”

He said Israel would not end its occupation if it does not see it as becoming costly for it.

Other speakers also praised the popular resistance saying that it proved to be an effective tool in the Palestinian struggle to end the Israeli occupation and confirmed that the Palestinian people are unarmed and fighting well armed occupiers.

source:WAFA NEWS