The Israeli Government’s settler push renews UN option

BETHLEHEM (Maan News) – Fatah Central Committee member Mahmoud al-Aloul warned that the Israeli government is working for the interests of settlers, leaving the Palestinian Authority in an impasse that pushes UN membership to the fore again.

Mahmoud al-Aloul told Maan News that the cabinet led by Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu did not show any interest in negotiations, but is dominated by pushing settlement activities.

Meanwhile, al-Aloul said the ruling West Bank party’s position remains unchanged, that negotiations cannot be resumed until Israel stop settlement expansion.

Amid the impasse, the Fatah central committee is considering going again to the United Nations to seek Palestinian membership, he said.

The Palestinian Authority is under huge pressure not to go down this path, Al-Aloul said, adding that the US had threatened to impose sanctions if they continue to pursue membership of international organizations.

After the bid failed, Palestinian leaders are still considering the option of seeking the lesser status upgrade at the UN General Assembly, where the US does not have veto power.

Source: Maan News