Three Journalists Killed during Wednesday’s Shujayea Massacre in Gaza


GAZA, July 31, 2014 (WAFA) – A Palestinian journalist Thursday died of his wound, sustained in an Israeli massacre in Shujayea marketplace in Gaza City on Wednesday, raising the number of journalists killed by Israel to three in less than two days.

WAFA correspondent said Journalist Mohammad Daher died of his wounds while receiving treatment at hospital.

Jornalists Sameh al-Aryan and Rami Rayyan died in the same incident in Shujaeya, where at least 19 Palestinians were killed and dozens others were injured in two consecutive airstrikes.

A mass rally roamed the streets of Gaza city to participate in the funeral procession of the three journalists, whose bodies were wrapped in the Palestinian flag, while their cameras, which were destroyed during the selling, were laid on their bodies.

Meanwhile, the Journalists’ Union strongly condemned the Israeli bombing of al-Wattan Voice TV headquarters in Gaza – the fourth attack since the aggression began.

The Union considered the attack a continuation of the Israeli army’s “fierce war” against Palestinian media outlets and journalists; more than eight journalists have been killed; 20 others were injured; 12 media institutions were bombarded; and several journalists’’ houses were shelled since the aggression started.

The Union called upon the International Federation of Journalists and other concerned bodies to condemn these crimes, and to act to protect the journalists in Palestine.


Source: WAFA